State properties

  • blockNumber: actual blockNumber of state
  • eventDescriptions: object map of event descriptions
  • events: object map of events-on-chain
  • markets: object map of markets grouped by market contract address
  • transactions: object map of transactions made by the user
  • tokens: tokens object map with balances, names, symbols and decimals
  • baseFee: actual baseFee for gnosis
  • eventCount: number of event descriptions there are at the API with current state filters


Builds the state retrieving event descriptions, events, markets, baseFee, eventShares and token balances. state.buildState(config, tokenAddresses, marketAddresses)

  • config: object
  • creators: array, addresses of event creators
  • investors: array, addresses of market investors
  • tokenAddresses: array, token contracts addresses to get balances, symbol, name and decimals
  • marketAddresses: array, market contracts addresses where get market objects.
// Example for Morden network
  [mordenConfig.account], // Creators
  [mordenConfig.account], // Investors
  [mordenConfig.addresses.etherToken], // Tokens addresses
  [mordenConfig.addresses.defaultMarketFactory] // Markets addresses

// For later access
const state = gnosis.state.get(config);


Returns current state. state.get(config)

  • config: object


Returns a Promise with all event descriptions that match filters. Event descriptions are included in the state container too. state.updateEventDescriptions(config, filters)

  • config: object
  • filters: object (optional)
    • creator_address: string, ethereum address of the description creator.
    • oracle_addresses: string, ethereum addresses comma separated of off-chain-oracles.
    • resolution_date_gt: dateTime ISO 8641
    • description_hashes: string, description hashes comma separated.
    • include_whitelisted_oracles: True|true|1, includes whitelisted oracle's events.
    • page: integer
    • page_size: integer
    • title: string
    • tags: string, list of tag names separated by commas.


Returns a Promise with all Events-on-chain that match address filters. Events-on-chain are included in the state container too. state.updateEvents(config, creators, resolverAddress, tokenAddress, filteredEventHashes)

  • config: object
  • creators: array of addresses

    ethereum addresses of event creators

  • resolverAddress: string (optional)

    filter events resolved by oracle contract address

  • tokenAddress: string (optional)

    filter events by token contract address

  • filteredEventHashes: array of eventHashes (optional)

    array of event hashes to update


Returns a Promise with all markets that match address filters. Markets are included in the state container too. state.updateMarkets(config, investors, marketContractAddress, filteredMarketHashes)

  • config: object
  • investors: array of addresses (optional)

    ethereum addresses of market investors

  • marketContractAddress: string (optional)

    market contract address

  • filteredMarketHashes: array or marketHashes (optional)

    array of market hashes to update


Returns a Promise with all token balance, symbol, name and decimals for each tokenAddress state.updateTokens(tokenAddresses, config)

  • tokenAddresses: array of tokenAddresses
  • config: object


Returns a Promise with all event shares balances state.updateEventTokenShares(forAddress, eventHashes, config)

  • forAddress: string

    owner of the shares

  • eventHashes: array of eventHashes
  • config: config


Updates state block number state.updateBlocknumber(config)

  • config: object


Returns a Promise with an array of shares distributions over time state.updateHistory(marketAddress, marketHash, fromBlock, toBlock, sampleCount, config)

  • marketAddress: string
  • marketHash: string
  • fromBlock: Hex string
  • toBlock: Hex string
  • sampleCount: integer

    number of samples requested

  • config: object


Returns a Promise with the current base fee state.updateBaseFee(config)

  • config: object