Transactions and calls


A transaction is a signed request that will be included in the blockchain as proof of blockchain state change. A transaction is needed when the action has an effect on the state of the blockchain, for example buy shares, sell shares, create market... We have two different responses from a function that sends a transaction:

  1. Promise: Returns the result of doing eth_call before building the transaction. With the returned Promise we can know the output of the function.
  2. Callback: The callback function called after the transaction is mined. We get the transaction result.
  function(e, receipt){
    // Called when market is created and transaction mined
    // createMarket.simulatedResult: marketHash
    // createMarket.txhash: Transaction hash


A call is an idempotent action over an Ethereum Node. We request the current state of a function. This can be done with two different ways:

  1. Now: The function returns an object with a method .call(), sends directly the request and triggers the callback when it has response.
  2. Batch requests: calls can be grouped and sent in batch with the web3 batch
// Batch request
const batch = web3.createBatch();
    market.calcEarningsSellingWithFees(..., callback)

// Direct
market.calcEarningsSellingWithFees(..., callback).call();